DataCapable Inc. Offers Unique Solutions for Event Detection, Interactive Maps, Analysis and Outreach for Organizations of All Sizes and Sectors To Engage Digital Customers.

Enable Insight and Engagement, Reduce Operational Costs, Improve Customer Satisfaction, Enhance Intelligence and Gain Wisdom.

Our event detection library and clients have undergone a rigorous approval process. We believe in the mission of the ACLU and the preservation of individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person by the Constitution and laws of the United States.






Data Mining and Enrichment from Digital Media, Sensors, Weather and More.

Cutting-Edge Algorithms for Detection and Situational Awareness of Events

Event Maps Align Operational Data with Customer Engagement Opportunities

Easy Cross-Platform Communication Via Preferred Customer Channels

Proven, Versatile AI Sentiment Analysis and Real-Time Aggregate Reporting

Experienced and Passionate Media Specialists, Project Management, Systems Integration and Compliance

“DataCapable affords solutions that fit specific needs, and provides value to any utility or business looking to engage their customers with digital tools.”


The DataCapable Platform increases safety for organizations and communities by eliminating communication gaps via real-time global discovery and prediction of events impacting people and places. The platform is powered by patented artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms that analyze unstructured sources of data (social media, community alerts, text messages and more).

DataCapable Inc. provides solutions and services to align operational data with customer engagement opportunities. Various software modules have been built by DataCapable to empower anyone to use unique EVENT MAPS to interact with digital customers, easily and comfortably, through their preferred communications channels.

Additionally, these modules provide powerful cross platform digital communications, real-time aggregate event reports, sentiment feedback, weather event data, situational awareness and logistics support for organizations engaging their digital customers.

Utilities, School Systems, Energy Managers, Transit and Turnpike Authorities, plus businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on DataCapable’s real-time event detection and customer engagement solutions. DataCapable discovers critical information before traditional notification channels.

Products and Modules

The DataCapable Platform (DCP) is a cloud-based (SaaS) solution that specializes in customer and community engagement, real-time event mapping, and real-time event detection. The DCP is fulling integrated with Esri GIS solutions, and empowers businesses and organizations of all sizes to effectively find and consume relevant data (messages, images, videos, location and more) to communicate with the necessary parties to stay ahead of the curve when the unexpected happens.

The DataCapable Platform collects and analyzes data (across multiple languages) for a variety of use cases and datasets in a wide range of industries. Our solution includes real-time data enriched with weather, message sentiment, topic relevancy, and demographics. The solution can overlay geospatial datasets such as wind speed, weather forecasts, satellite imagery, digital media, demographics, and more. The DataCapable Platform uses these data streams for real-time event detection, notification (email, text, system integration), and situational awareness. This includes using unstructured data (e.g. digital media, community alerts, and text messages) to analyze and detect when, where, and why events have occurred.

The DataCapable Platform is powered by a library of machine-learning algorithms, which are a form of AI (artificial intelligence) that has been trained for the detection of specific event types. In numerous instances, DataCapable has provided emergency operators with the first indication of significant events, including; gas leaks, wildfires, earthquakes, power outages and active shooters. This has provided emergency crews and EOC operators with an indication as much as 40-minutes before their traditional event awareness workflows and systems.

‘Event Maps’  are a tool designed to provide consumers and constituents with real-time situational awareness of events via real-time imagery, social content, and the unique option to subscribe to events for updates via text message and/or email. In addition, field resources can provide updates to the real-time situation of events on a public-facing map.

Includes the following value-added features that will reduce calls and enable users to provide additional information and an engaging experience to the public:

•  Event Contextualization, On-Demand Updates, Social Media, and Imagery Integration: This empowers operators with the ability to add photos, social media, imagery, hyperlinks and more to the Event Map. This includes the ability to quickly update the map as an unfolds, turning a public-facing map into an opportunity for engagement with concerned constituents.

•  Add Layers to the Event Map: This allows users to add existing Esri layers (ex; shelters, road closures, fire perimeters, links to other sources of vital information, etc.) seamlessly to the map as desired.

•  Subscribe for Updates: This provides the public with the ability to subscribe to events and receive updates via a variety of messaging options (ex; text message, automated call, email, and Facebook Messenger).

•  Esri ArcGIS Base Maps: Eliminates “map load” costs and extend the value of an existing Esri license.

•  Optimized for Mobile and Tablet Experience: ‘Event Maps’ are a responsie design that scales to fit all screen sizes. Integration is often as simple as one line of code.

With DataCapable’s ‘Facebook Adapter’, users can seamlessly embed outage information and ‘Event Maps’ into their existing Facebook corporate pages. With over 50 million businesses using Facebook as a marketing and awareness tool, EventCast presents a crucial and exciting combination of mapping and social media that lets users “Be the Source of News” by easily providing updates via shared sensor data, imagery, weather, outages, and other GIS datasets.

Natural Langauge Processing + Advanced Geolocation Parsing — Coming Soon!


DataCapable’s robust platform provides any ArcGIS user with a real-time layer of:

  • Global Power Outages
  • Flu & Illness
  • Earthquake Reports
  • Gas Leaks
  • Hail Storms
  • Water Main Breaks
  • Wild Fire Reports
  • Boil Water and Contamination Advisories
  • and more.

Data includes anticipated and active outage events across the past 6 hours (by default), with further configurable options.

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Global Service Coverage — 24 Hours / 7 Days

Messages Analyzed / Minute

Countries Actively Monitored

Email Alerts Delivered / Year


Growth / Year

News and Recognition

☛ [Press Release] — DataCapable Honored by Esri for Special Achievement in Geospatial Intelligence and Event Detection

DataCapable has been recognized by global leader in mapping and spatial analytics, Esri, for unique and creative contributions to the field of geospatial intelligence.

Download .PDF | Download .DOC

☛ [Press Release] — Success Enabled Through the Esri Startup Program

DataCapable and Esri improve the communication gap between businesses, their customers, and the general public with cutting-edge software and GIS solutions.

Download .PDF | Download .DOC

☛ [Press Release] — DataCapable Awarded General Services Administration (GSA) Certification

DataCapable is proud to announce certification and approval to sell services to the United States Government and Agencies through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Download .PDF | Download .DOC

⚙ [Forbes] — DataCapable Uses Twitter Data To Help Utility Companies Resolve Power Outages Quickly

When faced with a

DataCapable Awarded General Services Administration (GSA) Certification

power outage, most people do what is both logical and natural: immediately turn to social media. Unfortunately, most power companies don’t know you’ve had an outage until you call them, which involves finding their number and painfully waiting on hold–with fingers crossed-hoping someone will listen..

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⚙ [Transmission & Distribution World] — Collaboration and Innovation

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you!” On March 10, 1876, those nine words forever captured the essence of innovation and collaboration. Together, in a laboratory situated in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson laid the foundation of today’s telecommunications grid and global connectivity. But the innovation did not stop there. Just 16 years later, in 1892, Watson formed the Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD), located only 13 miles (21 km) from where that historic first telephone call took place. He was again implementing innovation. He sought to bring electricity to the city of Braintree, Massachusetts.

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