DataCapable connects with MultiSpeak® community in supporting the real-time sharing of outage reports with existing utility systems

DataCapable Inc. is excited to announce our membership within the MultiSpeak® community of operations standards in support of our ongoing collaborations with utilities and leaders in the Outage Management System market.

The ‘digital customer’ is an incredible asset in reporting and sharing event data with utilities, and it’s now easier than ever to update or create a system that provides next-gen technology and avoids vendor lock-in. “These are exciting times for interoperability within the utility industry” said Zac Canders, CEO of DataCapable, “as being able to seamlessly share data across existing and future utility technologies creates enormous value for utilities and their customers. Gone are the days where each project represented difficult and costly integrations and systems interfaces”.

Being MultiSpeak® certified aligns with DataCapable’s ongoing initiatives to showcase the value of data transparency and open standards of technology as utilities across the world are exploring how reports of “outages” from text messages, emails, social media and emerging platforms  can improve restoration management and outage response. By leveraging the power of MultiSpeak®, utility customers, ratepayers and even the vendor community can  derive valuable new information from DataCapable’s  UtiliSocial™ platform – a comprehensive toolset for geospatial data-mining, customer response and sentiment analysis, outage reporting and unique “Event Map” visualization.

“Following recent and particularly devastating hurricanes, the heightened need for digital communications and systems interoperability is at the front of everyone’s minds, so today’s announcement is an exciting update for DataCapable, particularly in helping provide better outcomes for affected organizations and their customers.” – Zac Canders

MultiSpeak® represents enormous value to the vendor community by enabling data interoperability with ease.

(Above; an example of DataCapable’s “Event Map” subscription and communication services via their easy-to-use EventCast™ Facebook Integrator.)

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About DataCapable

Calling a business is frustrating for a customer and it’s costly to operations – empower brand managers and public relations professionals to interact with your digital customers on the platforms they prefer. DataCapable is a SaaS company serving customers and operations across the Utilities industry while actively supporting UtiliSocial™, a comprehensive platform for Geospatial Data Mining, Situational Awareness and Communications, Outage Reporting, Outage Maps, Multilingual Customer Response and Sentiment Analysis, ‘Event Map’ Visualization, Virtual Outage Detection Networks, Analytics, Weather Data and more.

About MultiSpeak®

MultiSpeak® is the worldwide leading software interoperability standard and solutions for electric utilities enabling data sharing between independent systems in a seamless, cost effective and standardized way by simplifying software integration and minimizing expenses for custom interface solutions. MultiSpeak® is an enabler of Smart Grid and Cyber Security. MultiSpeak® is listed in the NIST-SGIP Catalog of Standards.

Oct, 25, 2017