“Apply Geography Everywhere” – GIS Inspiration Meets The #GridOfThings At 2015 Esri User Conference

“Apply Geography Everywhere”. The Esri User Conference 2015. Where GIS Inspiration Meets The #GridOfThings.

“Can you extend UtiliSocial to a smart watch application, because that’d be really cool!”

– Hobbie Regan, South Mississippi Electric

Hobbie’s comment speaks to where the Grid of Things is going, and DataCapable’s overarching summary of the 34th annual Esri User Conference – if you can think it, it can happen – and there’s no better spot than sunny San Diego for the largest annual geospatial event in the world to make it happen! 

Growing from humble beginnings in 1981, Esri has consistently driven change by embracing innovation and collaboration. For Esri, driving change means empowering existing customers and enticing new market entrants with technologies that help translate vision into reality.

Photo with founder

( Group Photo of participants of the 2015 Esri Startup program)

DataCapable found inspiration at every corner of the floor – booth visitors shared cool ideas with us, we had great one-on-one meetings (with teams such as OSIsoft). We brainstormed how asset management strategies with utilities and vendors could derive value from social data and prepare for the dramatic technological advances (such as wide adoption of “Internet of Things” or “IoT” devices) on the horizon.

For those utilities and product service providers that were unable to attend the event, we’ve compiled a short reflection of our experiences and conversations with some of the other teams located in the Esri ‘Startup Zone’ with us, particularly in regard to how their technology is driving new value within the utility space:

VisualSpection: Our teams have already been in conversation for some time, so it was perfect that our booths were side-by-side in the ‘Startup Zone’ – throughout the week we exchanged introductions, ideas, and next steps on how customer data and field imagery from smart glasses can come together.IMG_2534

( VisualSpection hardware and software demo at Esri Startup Zone 2015)

We believe marrying real-time data sets across the customer and crews can drive deeper meaning into events, resolution, and customer satisfaction. VisualSpection’s forward-looking technology is easily summed up as “cool stuff,” and they’re already driving success stories across a variety of industries with hands-free inspection technology built to work in extreme environments and relay critical information when and where it’s needed. Learn more, or even better, reach out to this team:  http://visualspection.com/

AllSource Analysis: How does satellite imagery, geospatial expertise, social data, and deep know-how in numerous industries come together? That was the question our teams collaborated on across the week. AllSource was founded by some of the foremost experts in commercial and governmental imagery, and open-source geospatial information and research.DSCN0947

( AllSource Analysis at the Esri Startup Zone 2015)

Geospatial technologies with global reach provide clients with deep insight on a wide variety of projects; construction progress, government safety, and on-going situational awareness of corporate assets. We heard numerous accounts on how AllSource Analysis’s clients are better understanding engineering and construction progress of financed projects– some are even monitoring known regimes to evaluate global threats and inhumane treatment. Together, we identified opportunities for collaboration in leveraging how imagery and expertise in site safety and management can support NERC CIP activities across the US. DataCapable is excited about these conversations and looking forward to continuing the value exploration of geospatial imagery and grid -hardening activities across the US.  http://allsourceanalysis.com/

Paracosm: Imagine having the ability to map the control room of a substation along with the convenience of visualizing it in the palm of your hand – this isn’t science fiction, it’s the future of the grid, and the mapping team of Paracosm is building it right now as cloud-based 3D reconstruction software that can turn real world spaces into 3D models, helping machines understand the physical world and creating a profound impact upon Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. If you work at a utility and love VR & AR technologies, head over to their website and explore – we promise you’ll be excited by what they’re building https://paracosm.io/

Dispatchr: Providing predictive analytics for the mobile workforce, Dispatchr clients are realizing new value with enhanced Scheduling, Dispatching and Routing technologies, all in real-time.


( Dispatchr at the Esri Startup Zone 2015)

The Dispatchr platform enables Damage Assessment, Storm Visualization, and Mobile Connectivity to drive Reliability, Event Response, and Restoration Management to new levels. We’ve been friends with the team for the past few years, and like others in the start-up zone, they agree that utilities need to embrace new software technologies. http://www.dispatchr.com/

Esri Startups:

Finally, DataCapable connected with like-minded colleagues and businesses from around the globe to showcase the integration of ArcGIS into our UtiliSocial platform and share our ideas about how electric utilities can maximize value.


( Esri Leaders Driving Innovation & Collaboration at the Esri Startup Zone 2015)

By investing in the Esri Start-up program, Esri is empowering founders, developers and entrepreneurs to bring new value to Esri customers around the world. We highly recommend the program, and the team managing the Start Up program (Kurt + Katie) are phenomenal people. If you’re an emerging business, feel free to reach out to us at info@DataCapable.com for feedback on why this program is so beneficial. Esri’s founder, Jack Dangermond, even took a minute out of his schedule to swing by the booths!


( Esri Founder Jack Dangermond & DataCapable Co-Founders Peter DiSalvo and Zac Canders )

In summary, not only do we have to work on our French (see our previous post “The #GridOfThings is Global – CIRED 2015 Recap”), now we have a smart watch app to build!


( Thanks again Esri for this great opportunity, plus hosting an amazing party. We really appreciated the experience)

~ The DataCapable team

Aug, 06, 2015