The #GridOfThings is Global – CIRED 2015 Recap

The 23rd edition of CIRED, The International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution, brought DataCapable together with worldwide leaders in the energy sector to discuss the future of Interoperability of the Grid. Held in the heart of Lyon, France, CIRED 23 was a reminder that this biennial event is more than just a conference on electricity distribution systems: it’s a chance for thousands of likeminded utility engineers, business people, and academics from across the world to showcase innovation, debate energy strategy and the future of the grid. But this year’s event emphasized a newfound challenge the industry faces.


Interoperability and Collaboration: the Grid of Things is a global movement

The emerging reality of integrating, communicating, and operating distributed resources presents new and unsolved challenges to Electrical Supply. How do we promote renewables integration? How do we effectively engage increasingly tech-savvy customers? And how do we manage the enormous inflow of new data we’re just starting to collect? DataCapable is developing a comprehensive solution to answer these questions and we’re dedicated to helping Utilities achieve interoperability on the global scale.

It’s clear the business and consumer markets are now ready for renewables and internet connected smart devices. This presents an immediate need for Utilities to formalize their approach to distributed intelligence enabled at the edge of the grid. The right time to adopt a comprehensive strategy for managing The Grid Of Things is now — innovators such as Tesla are accelerating their efforts to push new tech to the market and consumers are increasingly open to adopting innovative products to save money.

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CIRED: Making new friends at a gathering of innovators

CIRED was a great opportunity for DataCapable to make new friends and catch-up with industry leaders at Siemens, ABB, GE, Schnieder, OSI, Albatros, Alstom, and our good friends at OMNETRIC. We shared our thoughts on the Grid of Things, and heard opinions from these industry leaders. In a sea of smart grid buzzwords, “collaboration” and “interoperability” were by far the most common themes.

Most conversations focused on how each others technologies and tools can provide synergy to each other rather than compete for the same market space—and how to support each other rather than compete. Utilities are asking more of their solutions providers because traditional solutions are no longer adequate in this ever changing high tech industry space. DataCapable was founded in anticipation of these contemporary demands and we’re excited to begin rolling out our innovative products at this pivotal moment in the Energy Supply market.

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We’re already looking forward to CIRED 2017 in Glascow at the prestigious Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC). In the meantime, we’ll be collaborating with our new friends. We’ll also revisit this article in two years to see how the Grid of Things has evolved – the industry – and our French.

“je dois une panne de courant” 🙂

…Practice makes perfect!

Jul, 11, 2015