The Internet of Things Starts with The Grid of Things

“I want my toaster to talk to my Utility.” – Zac Canders, Co-Founder & COO DataCapable.

While Zac’s statement drew more than a few chuckles among us here at DataCapable, he had a point – we have reached a time when technologies such as Toaster-to-Utility communications have moved from the realm of ‘possible’ to ‘inevitable.’

The next technological revolution is already here, and it’s collectively known as the “Internet of Things,” “IoT,” or “#IoT” – depending on whether you’re respectively talking, bragging, or Tweeting about it. Regardless of the moniker, the Internet of Things is poised to change everything we know about the technology we interact with, and DataCapable has been busy planning how to capture this value for our clients.

The Internet of Things and its Connection to the Grid

The Internet of Things is primarily comprised of interoperable hyper-local devices (like toasters) along with associated data & metadata (for example, Zac’s personal preference for “toastiness”; time of use; quantity; etc). The potential of front-end, consumer-facing interconnected technologies has already proven apparent with the introduction and adoption of devices such as the Nest thermostat and Roomba vacuum and their associated consumer app interfaces. DataCapable sees enormous potential in a complementary utility-facing component to this new network – the “Grid of Things,” a solid foundation and innovative system of change that could affect all parts of the electrical grid (including, but not limited to, energy generation, transmission and distribution).

The Grid of Things is an assembly of standardized web services & security protocols, robust software interfaces, open data formats, and supporting elements necessary for the seamless front-end and back-end connectivity of devices. The Grid of Things is the blueprint for true interoperability among devices, beginning with the power that brings them to life, and ending with Zac knowing his toast is going to be perfectly browned in the morning (because that’s how he likes it on Saturdays).


DataCapable sees the Grid of Things as a new area of opportunity for electrical utilities to maximize their investments, explore new value propositions, and embrace try-before-you-buy scenarios – all while passing the value back to their customers via the intelligent devices they own. By embracing best practices in web service development in conjunction with protocols connecting the data of one smart grid device or platform to another, we’re confident that the Internet of Things will reside on a solid foundation with the Grid of Things.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us at DataCapable. We’d love to share the vision with you and have you join us in laying the cornerstones for the foundation of the Internet of Things: it all starts with the #GridofThings


Jun, 14, 2015